CSC is the place to be all summer long.

          CSC Tennis- Summer 2021

WELCOME to the 2021 Season!

We are looking forward to another GREAT DOLPHIN season! 

There are two categories of our youth program: Clinics & Junior Tennis Team.

Clinics are youth group lessons designed for instruction and improvement. These weekly clinics are run by Head Pro, Stephanie Springer, and her assistant coaching staff. Any member can enroll. Kids do not need to be on the team to take clinics. Children are placed by ability and allowed to progress into higher levels as their competence improves. Please speak with Coach Stephanie if you're not sure which clinic level your child should join. Coach approval must be secured before registering for Excellence Clinics. *Links are live for clinics! Click on the clinic you'd like to sign up for and check the dates*

**If a clinic is canceled due to weather, you'll receive an email through SignUp Genius.**

All three coaches are available for private, semi-private, and small group lessons. Contact the coach directly to discuss availability and price.

The Junior Tennis Team is a competitive group that practices twice-a-week. A and B Teams participates in weekly matches. C Team members work towards consistent match-play during practice. There are no tryouts this year. Ideally, players can rally and serve before joining the team.

Ladder Day - Saturday, June 5th

Junior Team Players will play for an hour with kids from their age group, while the Tennis Coaches observe and rank the players to form the Ladder. This is how A, B, & C Teams are decided. **Tennis Coaches know about Swim Team Time Trials and the Swim Coaches know about Tennis Ladder Day. Kids will be able to participate in both events.**

If your child can't come at the scheduled time, please bring them when you can (between 9-12pm, so the coaches can meet and evaluate them.) 

Players who can't make it to Ladder Day, can drop into one of the after school clinics for a few minutes, so coaches can take a quick look. Email Coach Stephanie to give her a heads up. 

           Ladder Day Schedule

         9am - 10am                       10 & Under - Boys & Girls
        10am - 11am         12 & Under - Boys & Girls
         11am - 12pm          13 & Up - Boys & Girls


**Registration extended until June 30th!** 

2021Tennis Team Handbook

Tennis Ladder Rules 

Practices starting June 14th:

  10s & 12s A Team Schedule

                   Monday                     1-2pm (Practice)
                Wednesday                     1-2pm (Practice)
                    Friday                     12pm (Match)

   10s & 12s B Team Schedule   

             Monday                               2-3pm (Practice)
            Wednesday                    2-3pm (Practice)
             Thursday                    1pm (Match)

    10s & 12s C Team Schedule   

              Monday                               3-4pm (Practice)
            Wednesday                    3-4pm (Practice)

     14s & 18s A Team Schedule 

                     Tuesday                      1-2pm (Practice)
                    Thursday                     12-1pm (Practice)
                      Friday                12pm (Match)

     13 & Up B Team Schedule 

                   Tuesday                      2-3pm (Practice)
                Wednesday                      2-3pm (Practice)
                 Thursday                         1pm (Match)

     13 & Up C Team Schedule 

                   Tuesday                     3-4pm (Practice)
                Wednesday                      3-4pm (Practice)

         2021Tennis Team Match Schedules




Beachwood Recreation Association - 3365 Jack Dr, Troy

BHAC- 18157 Beverly Rd, Beverly Hills

Bloomfield Swim and Tennis- 251 E Square Lake Rd, Bloomfield Twp

Great Oaks Country Club- 777 Great Oaks Blvd, Rochester Hills

Heart of The Hills- 995 Old Perch Rd, Rochester

LifeTime Rochester- 200 W Avon Rd, Rochester Hills

Oakhurst Country Club- 7000 Oakhurst Ln, Village of Clarkston


Arrangements have been made for our Junior Tennis program with the Tennis and Golf company located at 32011 Woodward Ave in Royal Oak. Phone number 248-435-6800

  • Come in and get your Jr. fitted with a proper size Jr. racquet.
  • The following year exchange the old racquet as your Jr. grows.
  • Program designed for kids ages 4-11 years old. 


Size Non-Members Members

Program    Exchange             Program  Exchange

21"                            $ 24.99           $ 9.99                   $ 22.99       $ 4.99

23"                            $ 24.99           $ 9.99                   $ 22.99       $ 4.99  

25"                            $ 24.99           $ 9.99                   $ 22.99       $ 4.99

** Program gift bag as well. Gift bag contains 2 age correct balls and vibration dampener and keychain. 

We will continue to follow the state and CDC guidelines for keeping kids safe.  

Please contact the tennis chairs with any questions about tennis team at: 

Calendar of Tennis Dates

Team Sign up: April 26 till June 7, 2021

Meet the Coaches: Saturday May 22 10:30am

Ladder Day: Saturday, June 5th

First Week of Practices: June 14th

June 17th (B Team) & June 18th (A Team) First Matches

June 29th (5:30-7:30pm): Team Picture/Pizza Party 

RSVP here for Team Picture/Pizza Party 

July 26th B Finals

July 27th Singles A Finals

July 28th Doubles A Finals

July 28th Banquet Starting at 7pm. Details to follow

CSC Tennis Staff

Please Welcome new Head Coach: 

     Stephanie Springer (

  • Assistant: Will Hess
  • Assistant: Caroline Malley
  • Assistant: Stephen Cibulas

**Remind App Links**

Click to join the appropriate thread for quicker updates regarding practice, lineups, match information, and cancelations.

2021 Tennis Team (Main)

 A Team

 B Team

 C Team

Saturday Morning Clinics

     CSC Youth Tennis Clinics: 

Check out this video to learn more about clinics!   

Preschool Clinic (Ages 3-5)

Try tennis in 30 minute class sessions with age appropriate drills and games. We'll use balloons and Red Balls with our racquets and a mini net. Eye-hand coordination, tennis basics, and fun are top priorities!

Beginner/Advanced Beginner Clinic

Introduction to tennis through age appropriate skill building activities and drills using balloons and red balls. Red Balls are larger and softer than a standard tennis ball, making contact easier for beginners. Players will learn proper technique for the basic shots of tennis and play tons of games. 

Intermediate Clinic

Intermediate players will work on consistency, rallying several times back and forth, and playing out competitive points. Players will continue to improve their forehands, backhands, volleys and serves.

Teen Beginner Clinic

This is a class for teens and pre-teens with very limited or no prior tennis experience. Players will learn the fundamentals of the game alongside their peers. Proper stroke production is emphasized, while at the same time learning rules and etiquette of the game. Players will be evaluated on court and grouped according to ability.

Excellence Clinic

Advanced Players will work to master the basics, as well as higher level skills like topspin, slice, and strategy through drills and competitive games. *Coach approval needed

Junior Competitive Play

One of the best ways to improve is through match play! Coaches will lead player development during the sessions with match play, organized point situations, and mental toughness. 

Saturday mornings 10:30am - 12pm $25/session DROP IN (no sign up needed - just show up!) **Starts June 12th**

Session #1: June 1st, June 2nd & June 3rd 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday $43.50

             4pm - 5pm   Intermediate
             5pm - 6pm   Beginner/Advanced Beginner
             6pm - 7pm   Teen Beginner
**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

Session #2: June 7th - 10th

Monday - Thursday $58

            4pm - 5pm   Intermediate
             5pm - 6pm   Beginner/Advanced Beginner
             6pm - 7pm   Teen Beginner

**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

Session #3: June 14th - 17th

Monday - Thursday $58

              9am - 10am    Beginner/Advanced Beginner          
             10am - 11 am   Intermediate
             11am - 12pm   Teen Beginner

**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

Session #4: June 21st - 24th

Monday - Thursday $58 (Preschool class $29)

            9:30am - 10am    Preschool                                        
              10am - 11am    Intermediate
              11am - 12pm    Beginner/Advanced Beginner
**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

Session #5: June 28th - July 1st

Monday - Thursday $58

               9am - 10am    Beginner/Advanced Beginner   
              10am - 11am    Intermediate
              11am - 12pm    Excellence

**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

Session #6: July 5th - July 8th

Monday - Thursday $58 (Preschool class $29)

            9:30am - 10am     Preschool                                   
              10am - 11am    Intermediate
              11am - 12pm    Beginner/Advanced Beginner

**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

Session #7: July 12th - July 15th

Monday - Thursday $58

               9am - 10am    Beginner/Advanced Beginner
              10am - 11am    Intermediate
              11am - 12pm    Excellence

**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

Session #8: July 19th - July 22nd

Monday - Thursday $58

               9am - 10am    Beginner/Advanced Beginner
              10am - 11am    Intermediate
              11am - 12pm    Excellence

**In the event of two rainouts, makeup is Friday, same time.**

NO JUNIOR CLINICS JULY 26 - 29th due to Finals

**Coach Stephanie is hoping to run clinic or small group lessons, as well as Private Lessons in August....Stay tuned! **


*Adult Clinics 18 & up, starting June 12th!*

     Beginner Drop-In Clinic - Saturdays 8am-9am

            $15/class, payable directly to Coach

    Learn the basics of all tennis strokes, how to play and keep score, and meet other beginner players. No experience needed! Join us! 

                                Drill & Play

                        Saturdays 9-10:30am

         $25/class, payable directly to Coach

Perfect mix of drills, competitive play, and match play with coaching from the staff. Advanced beginners - advanced players welcome!

**Members are welcome to invite guests to participate in Adult Clinics. Just cover the CSC guest fee!**

MEN'S TUESDAY NIGHT TENNIS (TNT) 6:00-8:00pm on Tuesday evenings. 

LADIES SOCIAL TENNIS. 7:00-9:00pm  on Wednesday evenings starting on June 16. Contact Jill Gough at 248-379-1554 or email


Starting on Thursday June 3 at 7pm. Come out and learn the game and have some fun. If you do not have paddles, the club purchased several for members to use. 


Upcoming events

No events available

Address: 30580 Evergreen  (just south of 13 mile)

Phone: 248.642.5424

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